Looking for something unique that fits your home or work place and will make a statement? You’re in the right place. This page will help walk you through the process of choosing a piece you want to order, and offer some suggestions on details pertaining to your order.



The first step is to find out what you’re looking for. In this step, we identify if you’re looking for a table, shelf, bar stool, or something else. We’ll want to identify a few things that will help shape how your custom piece is made including:

Length & Width – make sure it will fit! It never hurts to use a tape measure to get an accurate idea of how much space you’ll need to fit everything. Be sure to leave a little space in between everything.

Height – Everyone is different, and that means that one size won’t fit all. But, that’s what we specialize in here. When considering a pieces height, imagine how you’ll use it. For instance, an end table’s top height usually is no higher than the top of the chair or couch it might sit beside.

While many people don’t like to just toss out a number, it’s important to know what you’re comfortable spending before going in. Willis Industrial can work with you to find materials that will fit your scope.

Kid Friendly
Because we build with natural materials, some pieces might have edges that could injure a child if they were to run into it. But, if we know that is an issue, it’s easily designed around! Sharp corners, wily live edge wood, and other potential hazards can be addressed so you can enjoy your piece worry free.

Other Concerns
Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We enjoy getting to converse with each of our clients, because it helps us dial in your expectations and create something you’ll always enjoy. If you like to talk on the phone… great! If you’re an email type of person, we’re good with that too. Let’s talk!


After you decide on the type of piece, we’ll get down to defining what will make up your furniture. Here at Willis Industrial, we strive to use a wide variety of materials – both common and possibly strange – to achieve a custom look to your work. Here’s a little on the main materials we use:

Wood Icon


Here in Texas, we have a wide variety of native trees that grow in abundance. We prefer to utilize locally sourced materials and shy away from expensive and hazardous tropical hardwoods that are harvested outside our great state. Pecan, hickory, mesquite, pine, a variety cedars, and elm are all available on a regular basis. Other hardwoods such as walnut, maple, and ash can be found at the local mill.

Walnut wood


Pine wood


Pecan wood


Mesquite wood


Cedar wood

Aromatic Cedar

Ash wood


Color Icon


While it has been a current craze in building furniture, epoxy has been around for a long time. Because of this, there are many formulas and methods for using this malleable material to achieve success in a project. From tinting to submerging objects into it, you can produce an astounding array of results… the mind is the limit to what it can usually do. It has the amazing capacity to restore damaged wood and other materials back to a new level of strength. Regarding tints and coloration, we can produce nearly any color desired – transparent or opaque. We continue to experiment with this in order to come up with new ways of bringing you something exciting and new.

It’s durability is another component of why we use it in our projects. It resists regular use and can be repaired in the event of a deep scuff with proper treatment. Please feel free to ask questions regarding the use of epoxy and how it can help create your custom piece.

Metal Icon


A great material for it’s availability and durability, steel is rugged and strong. It can be shaped to the minds will, and takes a variety of finishes. We like to state that you can stand on our pieces, and much of the credit is due to the majority of our pieces are based on a steel platform. Rugged, industrial, modern – steel embodies all of these principles.


Tables are simply a top with a base. They can be broken down into different sizes, from small to large:

Mini Drink Table: 6-10″
End Table: 10″ – 24″
Coffee Table: 24″ – 45″
Desk: 45″ – 66″
Dining Table: 65″ – 120″
Office Table and Larger: 120″ and up

Choose your materials

Table Top
We offer a selection of wood types which can be combined with a variety of finishes. Please refer to the materials section above when you make your selection.

Choose between steel and wood. Willis Industrial specializes in steel based legs and prefers them for their contrast to the wood top, exceptional durability, and attractive finish. Choose between painted or a natural steel finish. All steel is coated with a furniture wax for a matte finish that resists rusting.

Additional Features

Felt  & Leather Padding
We supply all of our tables with felt between the table top and base, as well as between the base and the floor. This greatly reduces scratching the floor and aids in sliding / moving the furniture with ease when needed. As an option, leather can be substituted in place of felt for a richer look.

Back Lighting
Want your table to make a huge impact? Consider back lighting your project with LED strips. These rechargeable strips are low impact and add a dramatic effect to any transparent epoxy project.


If you’re looking for storage options, we can help! We offer solid wood as well as plywood options depending on your budget.

For each custom design, we create a 3d Sketchup model before each build. This makes sure our design fits your specifications and everyone is on the same page. Changes can be made to the digital version of the piece to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. This saves costly changes that can happen when details aren’t planned ahead.

Choose your materials
Wood type
Drawers – number and size.
Hardware – drawer pulls, hinges, and more!
Base type – wood or steel


Willis Industrial can help create benches and both low and high bar stools that are incredibly sturdy and attractive.

Choose from a variety of woods for seating, and a painted or natural metal base finish. The choices are from subtle to vibrant.


Willis Industrial can craft steel parts for your project. Projects include, but aren’t limited to:

Table Legs
Wine Racks
Chair Bases
and more.

Contact us about your project and we can work to find a solution that fits the bill.


Please contact us via email before any purchases!!!
Consulting can begin to decide what type of piece is desired. At that point, we’ll figure out what types of materials you want to work with.

Once the sizing and materials are designated, a proper estimate for the project can be sent out. Payment of 50% of the project’s final cost (including taxes and shipping) is due before production can begin. This keeps both the Willis Industrial and the client (you) invested and with working capital for a project to begin.

Construction and Progress
During the estimate, a time frame will be given that should approximate the finish time for a piece to be completed. Some projects like epoxy pouring can require lengthy pour times to ensure the pieces cure properly. These estimates will be given on a per project basis.

Photographs of your project’s progress will also be logged and emailed, so you can watch as your piece takes form. We like to have a record of progress, and it’s exciting to send it out to anyone who is anxiously awaiting their new piece.

All items will be wrapped, packed and insured to the cost of the project’s shipped cost. Due to the heavy nature of the materials used at the shop, shipping can be a costly factor when ordering a piece. We strive to package your piece so it arrives in undamaged condition, but in the event there is a problem, please contact us immediately. We’ll make sure to rectify the situation and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Satisfied customers are our lifeblood

While all businesses want happy customers, it’s small shops like this one that depend on customers to be thrilled with what they buy. Ultimately, it leads to them showing their pieces off to others, and they will tell others about us. Each piece we make has that in mind, and it gives us satisfaction when our customers love our work.

If you receive a piece and there is a problem with it, contact Willis Industrial immediately and let us know. We will do our best to rectify the problem so you can join the list of other happy customers.

Happy with your piece? Tell us!

If you’re happy with your furniture, let us know! We love and appreciate seeing pictures of our pieces in their new homes, and testimonials give other people the confidence that we’re doing things right. So please leave feedback on our social media sites or Etsy if that’s where you purchased your piece.


  • Game Table
  • Coffee Tables
  • Dining Tables
  • End Tables
  • Trestle Tables
  • TV Tray Tables
  • Wine Tables
  • Workbenches


  • Single seat
  • Chair
  • Ottoman
  • Stool
  • Bar Stool & Bar Chairs
  • Footstools & Ottomans

Multiple Seats

  • Bench
  • Couch Frames
  • Love seat Frames
  • Sleeping or lying


  • Bookcases
  • Cabinetry / Drawers
  • Liquor Cabinet
  • Drawer
  • Coat / Hat Rack
  • Bar Cabinet
  • Credenza
  • Floating Shelf
  • Ottoman
  • Shelving
  • Sideboard / Buffet
  • Umbrella Stand
  • Wine Rack


  • Bed Frames
  • Headboards


  • Entertainment Centers
  • Home Bar


  • Drawing Boards
  • Computer Desks
  • Writing Desks
  • Lowboys
  • Pedestals