Willis Industrial Furniture | Rustic, Modern Furniture | Epoxied Cedar Slab Table with Steel Legs

This heavy slab of cedar was brought to me, and I wanted to attempt to unveil the beauty of what was beneath the rough saw marks. There have been many hours of sanding devoted to this piece, and it goes to show how incredible a piece of cedar can really be. It felt a little too short to be anything more than a small coffee table or side table, but it’s presence immediately draws your eyes when you see it. I had no idea how amazing the grain structure would turn out, but the effort was definitely worth it.

The 2″ steel flat stock has extra reinforcements in the centers to provide rigidity and eliminate any topside wobble from the bulky wood. The base is currently unfinished, so it could be left natural to patina, or be painted, polished, and lacquered to prevent rust. Needless to say, it’s one sturdy piece.

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