Willis Industrial Furniture | Rustic, Modern Furniture | SE_00001 Bench - blue top epoxy with legs

This bench was an interesting challenge! The client wanted a light colored slab that would contrast her darker floors. Luckily, a local Houston wood supplier had a great piece of maple that was suited to the task. We went with a cobalt colored epoxy and used a more opaque blue tint to allow the color to stand out against the light colored wood. Due to the 96″ length of the board, 4 trapezoid legs were fabricated to stabilize the piece and provide enough support to stand on if needed. The bench was finished with seven coats of wipe on poly.

Because this piece was going across the country, it was wrapped in a packing blanket, plastic, then cardboard before being shipped. Ah, the look on that UPS driver’s face was priceless.


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